Galactron MK2240

Galactron MK2240

The system used for the listening evaluation of the MK2240 included the ATC SCM-50 PSL loudspeaker and the Teac Esoteric P70/D70 CD Transport/DAC pair. Galactron's amp replaced our preamplifier/power amplifier pair used on a regular basis (Melos Plus Series Line / Parasound HCA3500).
HK2240 is quite easy to install and all you will need is some reasonable free space above the chassis. The heat sink is cleverly positioned at the bottom of the amp so that it remains invisible and does not put any additional restrictions. Galactron, on the other hand, is quite strict on the issue of correct circuit temperature, especially on the output stage. For this reason, the amplifier has an LED indicator that signals when the amplifier is ready to reach its full potential. Warm-up time is several minutes (to be honest, during the first power-up I had the feeling that the "correct" temperature will never be reached, but, obviously that was a wrong one). Controlling the device from the remote proved to be easy and the only thing one can complain about is that there is no indication of the current level, just an LED flashing during the adjustment. One side solution to this "problem" is to systematically use the volume presets and mute switch.
First impression during the listening test was that of an amplifier with a very good dynamic headroom, one that could both easily follow and recreate the macro dynamics in any given track and offer some realistic levels in a small/medium sized room. With the HK2240 in place, the system maintained its capacity to give a proper sense for any mix, without compression and without creating any listening-related fatigue. Of course, the amplifier's power rating does not allow for excessive levels and there is a limit that should not be exceeded, although -even then- the end result is quite ear-friendly nor harsh or extremely unpleasant. Given that these good results were achieved with a low sensitivity loudspeaker, a more reasonable choice would be something rated around 90dBSPL/w/m. This will guarantee more comfortable drive conditions, higher levels and/or the possibility to cover a larger room.

Galactron MK2240
Galactron MK2240

The amplifier appeared transparent and neutral and if there is any deviation from these attributes, it is towards a somewhat more relaxing, pleasant and delicate high-frequency behavior. This part of the spectrum emerged with good brightness and rich harmonics, quite a fast attack and precise sustain/release times with slightly thinner body than what I'm used to from the reference.
Very small differences between the channels and the apparent precision in level tracking through the custom made volume control (around 0.1dB over the usual settings range) offer some serious expectations for good stereo imaging and praxis, confirmed these expectations. MK2240 proved more than capable to create a soundstage with very good width and extremely clear focus of individual sound sources. A very good description both of the size and the feeling of movement in large organic groups such as the symphonic orchestra was apparent, with depth, detail and realistic acoustic spaces being at the same level. In general, the good performance of the amplifier is something quite tangible, and "great sound" is a phrase that comes spontaneously to mind. Voices were reproduced accurately, with good articulation, the chorus being impressive and the soloists "present" and well defined in the space between the loudspeakers. The amp was great in describing small details (probably due to its speed and low noise) and offers a good perspective for choices made during track production.
Towards the lower part of the frequency range, the amplifier sounded well controlled, offering a good balance between a well bodied and sufficiently detailed description. Some rather extreme - in low-frequency content- works filled the room seamlessly and with a feeling of authority. Given that your level expectations are not extravagant, you get full and pleasant sound, with fast and dynamic rhythm parts and a good sense of scale in the description of acoustic music instruments. Although it sounds somewhat of a clich?, it is fair to write that the small Galactron sounds as a much larger amplifier, after all!


Galactron's MK2240 is an amplifier designed with the technical perfection in mind -given some cost based constraints obviously- but there should be no doubt that the main objective here was the aural satisfaction of the listener. Indeed, these two generally go together, but there are cases where you really feel you have reached a tacit inner balance and that you came up against a truly audiophile product. This fully applies here. MK2240 is one of the best integrated amplifiers to consider in a system setup that will work in a small or mid-sized room (in the later case with some mid/high sensitivity loudspeakers) and the price asked is quite reasonable.

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