Benchmark Media DAC2 HGC/AHB2

Benchmark Media DAC2 HGC/AHB2

Benchmark Media DAC2 HGC
Specifications (according to published data)
Description: USB DAC/Preamplifier, Headphone amplifier.
Digital inputs: 2x coaxial (RCA, 24bit/192kHz), 2x optical (Toslink, 24bit/96kHz), 1x USB (asynchronous, 24bit/192kHz).
Analog inputs: 2x single ended (RCA).
Digital Output: 1x coaxial (if selected).
Analog outputs: 2x Headphone (TRS jack, 0.25 inch, 30-600 Ohm), 1x single ended (RCA), 1x balanced (XLR).
Other features: Compatibility with DoP V1.1 (for DSD signals), phase selection, remote control, home theater bypass).
Dimensions: 249x45x237 (mm, WxHxD).
Weight: 1.4kg.
Benchmark Media AHB2
Specifications (according to published data)
Description: Power Amplifier.
Power: 2x100W /8 Ohm, 2x190W/4 Ohm, 1x380W/8 Ohm, 1x480W/6 Ohm (1kHz, <0.0003% THD+N).
Dynamic range: 132dBA.
THD+N: <0.00013% (1kHz, 80kHz LPF).
THD: <0.00011% (1kHz, 20kHz LPF).
Channel crosstalk: <115dB (1kHz).
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (-0.01/-0.17dB, 8 Ohm).
Inputs: 1x Balanced (XLR).
Outputs: 1x binding posts, 2x Speakon NL4 (Left/Left+Right), 1x Speakon NL4 (Mono).
Other options: Sensitivity selector, could be bridged.
Dimensions: 280x100x270 (mm, WxHxD).
Weight: 5.5kg.
Benchmark Media DAC2 HGC/AHB2
Price & General Information
Price (DAC2 HGC, €) 2.800,- (*)
Price (AHB2, €) 4.450,- (*)
Sample source Location Sound, tel.: 0030-210-364.6154
Sample source URL
More Information
(*) Please note that this price is for the local market where our review sample source provide their services. For a price specific to your location, consult your local dealer.

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